Digitalising Childhoods workshop program involves a network of five universities in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland and aims to increase cutting-edge research knowledge of the potentials and pressing issues of digitalisation on children’s (aged 0-18 years) participation, learning, and wellbeing in Nordic societies and beyond. This aim is realised by an international, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary workshop programme organized during the years 2019-2021. The outcomes will be communicated via academic articles and practice-orientated publications as well as policy briefs that will inform multiple stakeholders.


Focuses on inequalities and opportunities of digitalisation for children’s learning and education, civic engagement, social life and leisure.


Focuses on the impact of digitalisation on children’s physical and mental wellbeing, health, and safety, security and privacy.


Focuses on research methods and ethics to study childhood in the digital age including surveillance and tracking.