Despite considerable research activity in each of the Nordic countries, there is still relatively little joint research collaboration in the area of digitalising childhoods. Projects and studies are often conducted rather independently by research groups and universities. The DigiChild workshop brings together this scattered research knowledge into a joint research program enhancing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research knowledge to be carried out in the Nordic countries within the field.


The project will strengthen multi-sector and multi-disciplinary research on digitalising childhoods in the Nordic countries between education, social sciences and humanities, such as psychology, cultural psychology, philosophy, sociology, human-computer interaction, organisation studies and media and communication studies. Research collaboration between neuroscience and pediatrics will also be promoted. The workshops and co-authored publications and other outputs generated by the project will help advance a robust Nordic research base and will help promote the international visibility of the research conducted in the Nordic countries on digitalising childhoods.


The Nordic network behind this workshop program involves established academics with a long history of research collaboration from the fields of education, language and literacy studies, media and communication studies, psychology and sociology. Each of these areas is important to form a coherent understanding of the opportunities and risks of digitalising childhoods, informing policy and practice in the field.

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